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If you love to eat and love to write, I can't imagine a better group in the Yumsugar than “Teamsugar’s Food Critics” that allows us to do both. So we can tell each other where to eat, and why. Of course also we’ll write about where not to eat and why! So next time when you are eating out, please try to make a note in your memory about the space, staff, location, decoration, cleanliness, menu and more... Was it worth the money you spend? Would you go there again? Loved it or hated it? Why? What to wear? Age group of the diners? Music? So my fellow critics... Go. Eat. And write. Looking forward to hear from you. And please make sure to give “ Yumsugar thumbs up” or “Yumsugar thumbs down”.

A day in the Borough Market, London

Posted By NerO on Mar 22, 2008 at 2:41PM

Celine enjoyed shopping in the Borough Market a lot. She was all over the place, touching & sniffing all day long.

Kenza, London

Posted By NerO on Mar 19, 2008 at 3:43AM

I read about Kenza in Hello Magazine, and decided to try out. We booked our table for that Saturday and went.
It was very difficult to find the place, especially with all the road works going on around Liverpool Station. Finally – 15 minutes late- we found ourselves in a courtyard, middle of Liverpool Street’s high rise buildings.
Wow! What an entrance! Immediately that you feel like, just arrived to Morocco. Red carpet welcomes you, drapes of silk hanging from the walls, rose petals poured on your path, candles lit everywhere, than you start going down the steps almost feels like entering to unknown but very exotic dungeon.
After losing almost 50lb, my hubby fills my closet with lots of sexy tops, mostly from Wolford – one of our favorite brand- That night he gave me a gift box and asked me to wear it. It was a black body top from Wolford. It was lovely but too sexy to wear out. Almost completely see through. Even though I wore it -but thinking just in case!- still kept my cardigan wrap close by. What a right decision!
When I complained about how much it reveals, his answer was “ don’t worry it will be dark, nobody will notice.”
The night before we had one of the worse pour downs in London. And Kenza got their fair share out of it, rain water leaked down to their electric room and damaged the light controls. They could either completely turn the lights off or on.. Fully.. No dimming. It was so bright.
Can you imagine me with that top, and the light shining on us like that! I was saved by my wrap.
As for the place; "dripping with rich fabrics, cushions, carved tables and exotic charm, Kenza fuses the styles of the Middle East and Maghreb, complete with the seductive air of incense and rose petals. The menu from Lebanese-born head chef Jad Youssef is an exercise in contrasts; subtle scents, complex spicing and traditional ingredients used in innovative ways. In the true Middle Eastern way, menus are designed for sharing. Although Kenza is perfect for relaxing by day, at night the restaurant turns into North African carnival, complete with resident DJ’s and glamorous belly dancers – 8 at the time-performing every evening, mingle among the tables, delighting guests with their beauty and artistry."

We ordered few mezas – Arabic starters- to begin with. Bread boy – yes that is his only job- goes around the tables with a basket filled with freshly baked pita breads and serves warm pitas.
We ordered Lamb Tagine with dates, prunes and couscous to share. OMG! It was delicious and such a huge portion, two of us hardly finished the one third of it. And sorry, no doggy bags. What a waste!
Overall, we love it. It was very unexpected and delicious experience.
I give you “Yumsugar’s thumbs up”.

Mint tea & Arabic sweets & Turkish DelightsMint tea & Arabic sweets & Turkish DelightsKenzaKenza

Kenza, London

Posted By NerO on Mar 19, 2008 at 3:09AM

Vanilla, London UK

Posted By NerO on Mar 18, 2008 at 5:50AM

We tried Vanilla last Saturday. What an experience!
“Vanilla is all about being ‘different’ – from the décor to dining. Head chef, Izi Ani simply describes his food as ‘different’ not wishing to follow any particular cuisine but drawing influence from his own culture and putting into practice ideas he has gained from his experiences in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.”
You will totally enjoy this unique dining experience from the moment you enter. Very friendly but professional staff will welcome you. We decided to start at the bar. All white but yet still very romantic, sleek and sexy.
Along our cocktails we were served a tray of small appetizers. We picked their “Experience Menu” and let them know while we were making our reservation at 8 pm for that Saturday. Day after we got a call asking if we could make at 7 pm instead. So we could have enough time to finish the menu! That makes sense now. It took almost 3 hours for us, that was with skipping a few dishes from our main course.
As “Izi describes his kitchen as a ‘theatre’ with himself and his team as ‘performers’ providing guests with ‘entertainment for their eyes and palette” I am uploading some photos for you to see for yourselves.
Well done Chef Izi! And you are well deserve a “Yumsugar’s thumbs up”

from their websitefrom their Date cake with caramelDate cake with caramelFrom Vanilla's websitewebsitewebsiteDate cake with caramelDate cake with caramelLoungeLounge